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WIPO welcomes the inclusion of stakeholder organizations and interest groups as observers at the formal meetings of member states. Contact us. Full list of accredited observers.

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  • Any organization wishing to apply for permanent observer status should submit a request to the WIPO Secretariat via the contact us form. Each applicant organization should attach a duly signed official letter of request as well as the following supporting documents which vary depending on the nature of each organization:.

    The next deadline for submission of requests for observer status is May 24, , 5 p. Geneva time.

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  • The decision to grant ad hoc observer status lies within the competence of the respective WIPO body for which the observer status is requested. IP and Judiciaries Universities.

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    Accredited observers Intergovernmental organizations Intellectual property Other intergovernmental organizations regional Other intergovernmental organizations worldwide United Nations System of Organizations. Non-governmental organizations International non-governmental organizations National non-governmental organizations Others Palestine Full list of accredited observers.

    Each applicant organization should attach a duly signed official letter of request as well as the following supporting documents which vary depending on the nature of each organization: For an intergovernmental organization IGO. For an international or national non-governmental organization NGO.

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    The text of its constituent instrument articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc. Principles observed in extending invitations to national NGOs , as observers. The organization shall be essentially concerned with intellectual property matters within the competence of WIPO and shall, in the view of the Director General, be able to offer constructive, substantive contributions to the deliberations of the Assemblies of WIPO; The aims and purposes of the organization shall be in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of WIPO and the United Nations; The organization shall have an established headquarters.

    It shall have democratically adopted statutes, adopted in conformity with the legislation of the Member State from which the NGO originates.

    One copy of the statutes shall be submitted to WIPO; The organization shall have authority to speak for its members through its authorized representatives and in accordance with the rules governing observer status; and The admission of national NGOs to observer status shall be the subject of prior consultations between Member States and the Secretariat.

    Global cooperation initiatives Multi-stakeholder platforms.

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